We have a variety of products and services to help you get to the truth of your story, and connect to how remarkable it is in your Write Heart Memory.

Coping with Stress

We provide healthy ways to deal with stress and the “fight and flight” sympathetic nervous system response to increase awareness, clarity, ease, balance, creativity, pain relief and passion in your daily life.

You are amazing!

We listen to what you have to say with your words, thoughts, movement and feelings. We use our integrative therapeutic approach in Occupational Therapy, Neurophysiological Concepts, Brain Research, Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, Body Talk, Cellular Memory and Quantum Wave Cold laser and Reiki to help you discover more of who you really are.

Our products and services include fun, thoughtful and entertaining blogs, books, online training programs, group seminars and 1:1 therapy to help you learn and express who you naturally are in a safe, gentle and meaningful manner. It’s your journey into your write-heart memory™.

  1. Books
  2. Journal of Integrated Therapeutic Experiences for Everyday Life
  3. Story Sessions
  4. Stress Relief and Pain Management
  5. Points of Consciousness Focusing Cards

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Points of Consciousness Focusing Cards